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Welcome to A Bit of Luck Farm

At A Bit Of Luck Farm we offer customized horse boarding, horse training, horse sales, and horse riding lessons that allow you to choose the best level of care for the horse and rider!

We are all about enjoying your horse in your own way. We are a friendly and fun judgement- free farm that provides top of the line care without the drama. Anyone from any discipline and any walk of life is welcome here with their pony partner.

We are a very quiet and laid back farm, where boarders and students are able to come and enjoy a relaxing, yet fun experience with their horses. With acres of lush pastures, one on one attention for every horse, individualized feeding plans and happy, helpful and knowledgeable staff, we care to each horse’s every need. We specialize in senior horses, horses that need weight added safely and quickly, and also providing nutritionally balanced meals for easy keepers.

Our horses have access to quality hay 24 hours a day and high quality concentrated grain up to 3 times per day.

Lehigh Valley Horse Farm - A Bit of Luck Farm

Awesome place. Jess a talented instructor and put my mind at ease to start riding again after a 10 year break . So glad I found you guys
Zoe Locklear