Wink - A Bit of Luck Farm


QUIET AND SIMPLE 16yr old 15.2h Belgian/Quarterhorse mare. Wink is a very easy going, mellow, willing mare. She goes great for anybody and everybody even 6yr old tater tots! She loves being brushed and hugged and is very, affectionate. Perfect starter horse for a bigger or an advanced rider looking for a quiet, fun, SAFE ride. She goes english and western and is great for any level rider, from beginner to advanced riders. Wink loves long naps, and even longer meals!! She loves doing obstacle courses and bareback lessons as well. Her favorite treat are Skittles, but beware, she is a drooler!

Miles – 8 Year Old 15.1h Percheron/QH Cross Gelding

Miles is quiet, patient, and maybe a tiny bit on the lazy side. He likes to go slow and smooth, and also enjoys jumping lessons. He is great for any level rider, and can be ridden English and Western. He is very comfortable for bareback riding and loves showing kids how to do around the world. His favorite treat is carrots and his favorite pass time is playing with his friend Spencer!

Spencer - A Bit of Luck Farm

Spencer – 6 Year Old 14h Quarter Pony Gelding

Spencer is the class clown of the bunch! He loves nap time and play time, and can be very mischievous. Spencer is tons of fun to ride and everyone who rides him can’t wait for the next ride! Spencer LOVES jumping and hugs and is used for our intermediate to advanced riders.  His favorite treat is carrots and loves long naps and playing with his buddy Miles.

Farm Pigs - A Bit of Luck Farm

Tinkerbell and PixieDust – 2 Year Old Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs

Tinkerbell and Pixiedust love spending their time roaming around the farm, taking long naps, and looking for food scraps. Pixiedust is the friendliest of the two and loves scratched behind the ears.

Foof - A Bit of Luck Farm


Foof was best described by an adorable 4 yr old fan: “Foof is the Giggliest cat!!” Foof is super friendly, loved being picked up and carried like a baby. He loves kids and cuddles, and playing with his buddy Baxter! Be careful not to eat to close to him though, because he has been known to steal a sandwich right out of someone’s  mouth!!

Baxter - A Bit of Luck Farm


Baxter is our farm’s big, friendly dog. He stays in the house a lot because he doesn’t like to  be cold, but he is a great supervisor. He takes his job very seriously and loves watching people ride, helping his mommy around the farm, and watching projects get done. Even though he’s a big guy, he thinks he’s a lap dog and loves getting hugs and belly rubs from any visitor that comes.